Tuesday, September 02, 2014

All Romance Hottest Hero Contest is ON!

Jon Black is in Bracket 16, the last one, and you can vote for him, by the end of September 7th!  If he wins, he moves on to the next bracket and will be walking around with a proud strut.

You might also win a $25 ARe gift certificate for voting ... so cool!

So, go, vote, but you can only vote once in each bracket so choose wisely.

For another hint:

Jon Black from Jon Black's Woman, a contemporary mc western + bondage, tattoo and toys, is the 4th book in the Branded series.  Jon has been struck silent by Molly but she is everything he wants ... how does he find his voice to gain it all, all the joy and pleasure a man could want?

Make sure and click his link, swear, his quote is a favorite of mine :-)

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