Thursday, December 04, 2014

December Love with Wendi Hulsey

Desperate Desire Synopsis

Courtney Conner is the master at hiding behind a mask, she thinks she has one hell of a poker face. Courtney has everyone believing she’s in control of her life after everything that happened to her one horrible night. She believes everyone is fooled; except she can’t lie to herself. Struggling daily with the demons that invade her thoughts, dreams and life; she finds herself coping in self-destructive ways. But do they ever make her forget what happened?

Blaine Stevenson has shown Courtney a new lease on life and she wants to become the woman he can love. He’s everything she has ever wanted in a man; funny, kind, wealthy, and gorgeous. However, appearances are not always as they seem. Blaine also has a secret he has not yet revealed to Courtney. Can she handle what he is about to show her, or will this be something else that makes her run away from love?

Courtney and Blaine’s physical attraction is undeniable, but can they overcome their secrets. Will Blaine be the man to fulfill Courtney’s deep and desperate desire to be loved? Or will their secrets be too much to overcome? Not everything is as simple as it seems. Can Courtney love another to let go of her past?

Desperate Desire (book #2.5)
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Wendi Hulsey
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