Sunday, December 03, 2006


I hosted a contest, Where in the World... asked where would the entrant want to go if time and money were not an issue. There were so many wonderful answers, and spread across the planet, even Mars! But it came to my mind that there is one thing time and money can't do and that is to make some things stay the same, not change or move on with time.

Now, if it were possible, if I could go back and see any one place, well I couldn't answer that one either. But of all the places in the world I'd like to see, there is definitely one thing that stands out in my head as one to have seen in it's original place - the Nike of Samothrace.

The original wet t-shirt look only in marble! She's stunning, huge, impressive and intimidating and used to sit high on the cliffs of Samothrace, protecting it from all invaders from the sea. What an incredible sight that would have been. Luck will have it that anyone can see her, in a museum. So, I'll go into the Louvre and hunt her out in a seldomly used stairwell, sit there and enjoy the view from a marble step...maybe some day you'll see me there.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that statue is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Tilly Greene said...

I agree Nicole! But can you imagine sailing across the Med and seeing it perched up on the hillside? Wow, spectacular!