Friday, December 22, 2006

How easy it is to bring a smile to my face...

I'm finished and ready to enjoy the holiday season. Everything is wrapped and posted to various countries, cards sent out [albeit late] and this morning all I needed was two hostess gifts so off to the shops I went. The path takes me by this little house which always catches my eye and the reason is real simple: I smile, even laugh out loud each time I drive bye.

The house is tiny but they have a menagerie of pets who sit staring at the front door [rain or shine] - waiting for it to magically open and let them back inside.

Normally seeing a family pet on a porch isn't much to look at but two of these dogs are huge and all 4 sit together so some portion of their bodies is on the doormat! I kid you not...nothing makes them look away from the door, even if there is no car in the driveway, they are patiently, or depending how you view it, impatiently waiting to go back inside to heaven.

You have got to smile, one of these days I'll take a picture of these pitiful faces to share with everyone...share a smile.

Enjoy and hopefully find an easy smile :-)


Alex Warn said...

Like Smile is very important for a healthy face in New Trends of life.

Alex Warn said...

I kid you not...nothing makes them Daily Post Gossips look away from the door, even if there is no car in the driveway.

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