Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year and fabulous changes!

I'm one of those people who don't make resolutions...if it isn't working for me in March I sure as heck am not waiting until the next January to change it. That being said, I have made some changes and they are:-

1. Big one, changed my website! Christine Clavel created a fabulous reclining lady reading a scorching novel [one of mine I'm sure]. I adore this image and have done up a few items to showcase it. They'll be appearing on the Treats page of the website soon. This also means my blogs [blogger, myspace, yahoo 360] have had a facelift. Then there is the addition of an RSS feed, bookmark ability and 'Sneak Peeks Behind the Scenes'. The latter will be added for each release on it's anniversary...January 2006 saw the release of 'The Painted Lady' in the Winter Wishes anthology so a sneak peek is now up for this one.

2. I've started writing for an additional 2 publishing houses...Love You Divine and Phaze. Can't wait until my wicked tales start being released in 2007. Love You Divine will publish 'Dragon Lust' early 2007 and Phaze 'The Leather Bride' April 30 2007.

3. The Monthly Scorcher has had a face lift, sections added and some deleted. Personally I like the 'A Little Something from eBook Insiders'. You can sign up to receive a copy either through the yahoo or google groups [there is no chatting on either sites, they are strictly announcement and newsletters].

4. Chats and contests are both things I enjoy, the fun play time stuff but was struggling to keep up with it all. So, the first thing I did was set up a monthly chat with Love Romances and More over at their cafe. These will be the first Tuesday of each month...all day from 10:00-6:00pm est. Come over and enjoy yourselves, other authors will often drop by and drop and excerpt or more. Then on the contest front I'm going to be giving away a minimum of 2 Tilly Greene tote bags each month. One will be through my monthly chats at Love Romances and More, the other through the Monthly Scorcher newsletter so sign up now.

Oh, and I'm loving the blogs so will keep on keeping on with them...although I hope for more consistency!

For all these changes, the goal for me is to happily, gleefully really, delve in to my large To Be Written pile and make some progress there. You ask what's there that has me so excited? Loads! More shape-shifters [panthers, white tigers and more!], futuristics [sex roles around the universe call me] and some truly naughty contemporaries [ha, too many to tease but I'll just say sand, offices, restaurants, no place is off limits]! Oh and I can't forget the erotic classical mythology series either. See...I need to write :-)

I'm looking forward to it all and I hope you all are as well. My suggestion, head over and check out the changes made, put your name in the running for a Tilly Greene tote bag [these one's are the perfect size to hold a book, wallet, snack and a bottle of water - not so big they look like you could fit a blanket inside].

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