Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let it Out!

I'm sitting here writing [a hot - literally - futuristic] with the TV noise choice today...and a commercial for Kleenex [tissues] comes on. I don't know how it started but after a moment it caught my attention and loved it! I believe the tagline was "One guy and a box of Kleenex". There's a guy, couch, table, chair and a box of kleenex out on a street...any street in any city [busy and quiet]...with various people telling their stories. Some were happy, others sad, and some there were no words for us but you could see how the person felt in whatever they were saying. Yup, I cried...weepy wonder...but I thought what an interesting concept, and done well in about 45 seconds. Can you imagine going up to this stranger and telling him how you met or lost your lover, the birth of your baby, and letting all the emotions flow with the tears...very unique.

There is a website to go with it.

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