Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book Talk!

The week’s Book Talk! I’m going to tell you about what’s been on my ebook reader for the past week or so. Each night before heading off to bed I read a couple of poems from Emma Keatley’s A Lover’s Cocktail.

Granted I’m biased because for a couple of years there's been one thing consistent about my inbox...the pleasure of receiving a missive from the writer. But my personal relationship with her is moot from the minute I opened the ebook. Yes, she is the sweetest person around who happens to have a passion for Cowboys, but be assured she writes wonderful poetry.

Let me take a moment to give you a little history on how this ebook came about. Not too long ago Kate Hofman, an author with Romance at Heart Publications, requested Emma to write a few poems for one of her characters in A Sensual Seduction. There was a great response and Adam Tremayne’s words were placed into their own ebook. Shortly after this, the poet extraordinaire was offered a chance to release an ebook filled with her own poetry. Of course she said yes!

A Lover’s Cocktail by Emma Keatley is broken down into eight sections full of poems from sweet to erotic. “A Wounded Warrior’s Redemption” brought a sigh to my lips because of how well she painted the hero - he rang true for me as a reader of the romance genre. “A Lover’s Cocktail” was naughty fun and made even me want to dash into the kitchen to experiment with the cutie. Then there’s “His Mouth & Lips”, well, what can I say other than this was one of my favorites. The pace was perfect, word choice spot on, by the end this reader was looking to follow the poems example. With “The Sea Lover” I can almost feel the salt spray land on my face.

Ms. Keatley’s poetry runs the gambit of emotions and brought this reader right along with her. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next volume of her work.


Anonymous said...

Tilly this is my very first review,i'm as pleased as punch you liked it.......my fave was "A Lovers Cocktail", i had great fun actually writing that particular poem..........i am writing more and hope to had another volume out before to long.

Destiny Blaine said...


I've had the pleasure of reading Emma's poetry over the last year. I have to tell you, often I've been moved to tears and I'm not easily driven there.

Thank you for posting your review because I think it is so important to get the word out. Emma Keatley enlightens with every word and leaves the reader searching for another collection of her poetry.