Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been tagged!

My fellow chocoholic Selena Illyria has tagged me for 5 sordid facts so let's get to it before I chicken out.

1. I love high fashion, but I wear mostly shorts and jeans.

2. I love Coca Cola Classic, but I drink fizzy water with juice and an occassional Coke Zero.

3. I love being barefoot, but wouldn't think of walking anywhere with at least my thongs on.

4. I love going out to dinner with friends, but don't really care about the food.

5. I love being tan, but now know it's bad for me so use sunscreen and hats.

I'm not to sure who to tag so I'm putting it out there for whomever has 5 "sordid" traits to have at it :-)

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