Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Talk!

It's a sad time in the usually fabulous world of books. This Saturday, Judith Krug, Founder of Banned Books Week, passed away.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the industry suffered another serious setback. It doesn't sound like much when someone says Amazon deranked a bunch of books, except it is, to everyone who loves to read. This particular deranking means authors and their books [for me it's Zandia and Hot Couture] in the erotic and GLBT categories are now difficult, if not impossible for a reader to find on the online bookstores cyber shelves and purchase.

Descrimination? Censorship?

For some people it is.

However, I'm someone who prefers to look at the positive side of things and have a great solution if Amazon's actions bother you and you don't want to support them, then don't worry, there are plenty of choices out there to ensure you have your books!

You can go directly to the publisher and their bookstores [Samhain has My Bookstore and More and Ellora's Cave has Jasmine Jade]. Then there are the shops like Borders, B&N, BAM or Powell's online bookstores...or you can go to IndieBound, type in your zip code and find independent shops near you to shop at. If they don't supply the books you're looking for, ask them to order them.

And, the best part of shopping locally? It boosts the economy on your doorstep!

Edited to Add: Amazon has re-ranked both Zandia and Hot Couture

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