Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book and eBook Talk!

I've been traveling from California to England and many points in between. Knowing me, you wouldn't be surprised that books/ebooks had their place in my travels.

The iTouch was loaded up with reads and I had a total of 3 Linda Fairstein paperbacks that went with me. I'm on my last one and it happens to be the first that hasn't immediately pulled me in. I'm sure it's me being tired of traveling that has tested my time to read. On a side note, in a previous Book Talk! I wrote about my having a problem with a statement made in one of her books and I did a little polling of friends in both countries, searching others opinions. It was unanimous and I must be biased even though I didn't think I was. Anyway, LA had the reputation of more people having guns than NY.

Shockingly enough, I came home with only one book. After a trip to Bettys, a must visit Yorkshire tea house found in Harrogate, York, Northallerton and Ilkley, my mother-in-law treated me to a copy of Hearts, Tarts, and Rascals. I can't wait to read the history of this institution that happens to be a place that shows up in The Gilded Cage [or Hot Couture]. I'm often asked if anything I do in real life shows up in my books and now you know for sure. Yes, it just so happens that hands on research is my favorite kind.

Almost three months and that has been it on the books/ebook front. There hasn't been much time for reading, even less time for writing, but I'm home now and have some great choices in my hardcover and electronic TBR piles. Sitting on the shelves in the office is a non-fiction, vampire slasher, historical, contemporary, and a suspense - I like to mix it up. On my iTouch, the TBR list has all types of romances - other than inspirational, I'll read it. However first things first. I'll finish The Deadhouse and after that, it's going to be a favorite author of mine, Selena Illyria, who has a new ebook, Ba’al & Bondage, being released on July 15th. I was lucky enough to read the opening bits to this one and must know how it ends!

There was something I noticed in the various places we visited - the smaller the library, the more it was used. Interesting. My only comment in regards to this finding, in these unusual times, is to use it or lose it.

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