Monday, October 26, 2009


What is it?

It was originally conceived when an author on the Kindleboards saw a message from a deployed troop member saying that Amazon's Whispernet for Kindle doesn't work overseas. The author sent the troop his book for free by email and the idea was born, and grew. He now collects names of deployed troops who would like to receive eBooks and he has shared his list with us to forward to any ARe author who would like to donate eBooks.

What can you do?

eBooks from ARe can be downloaded by anyone! with an internet connection. If you would like to donate eBooks to a troop member, either your personal eBooks or a gift certificate for the book of their choice, we have set up an easy system that will help you. Here are the 2 ways you can give to the troops.

1 - ARe authors can now purchase codes for their eBooks and send those codes to military personnel who can then download the prepaid eBooks.
To get the codes, authors need to go to the Publisher/Author page on the All Romance eBooks site. Those already registered with an Author Login can sign in to "manage booksigning events". Those who need to register for an Author Login can do so there. (A customer account is different from an author account.) Once signed in, select "Booksigning Events", then "Operation eBook Drop" where your eBook codes can be ordered and paid for to be dist! ributed by you to the military. Once you have your codes, contact for the troop email list. Then select a member off the list and send the download code to your book to them directly.

2 - Purchase eBook Bucks and ARe will send them to the recipient of your choice.
Do you want to give back to the troops but prefer if they choose the eBooks they will receive themselves? Go to and purchase eBooks Bucks. Contact for the troop email list, enter the email address of the member you'd like to send the eBook Bucks too and they'll receive an email from us with instructions on how to download their eBooks.

I strongly recommend making email contact with the troop member prior to mailing the download code for your book for two reasons. First you want to confirm the email address is correct. Second and more important, you will want to confirm they are interested in receiving the particular book genre you are sending. The program is not only for romance readers and they may only be interested in mainstream novels. We also want to confirm that if your book contains adult situations it is going to a member who welcomes that content.

Questions? Email

Cat Johnson
Manager Media and Public Relations
All Romance eBooks, LLC


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've been an OED author for almost two months now. I joined shortly after it began.

It's a very cool program.

Tilly Greene said...

I love this idea and I'm not surprised to hear you've known about it for ages :-)