Tuesday, October 06, 2009

eBook Talk!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and OohRah! immediately came to mind.

Okay, I can hear the question now - What does a Marine just back from Afghanistan have to do with breast cancer? Besides loving breasts and all the pleasure they offer, Warrant Officer Dale Smythe lost his mother to breast cancer, and decides to volunteer at a local Run for a Cure.

While there, handing out cups of water and support to whoever needs it, he sees a young woman who is obviously isn't a runner or someone who had prepared much for the race. Besides being beautiful, he likes her determination to make it through to the end and, after asking if it was all right with the other volunteers he stood with, he abandons his post to run at her side and help her finish.

As for why Tasha is there, well, she doesn't always have the best experience when it comes to her mammograms, and figures this one more way to get the upper hand on them. Besides, the sooner a cure is found, the sooner she can stop stressing out.

So, yes, OohRah! is about a Marine and how his relationship works when he's deployed. However, there's much more to Dale, the man, than what he does professionally.

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