Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Where have I been lately?

Visiting family and friends!

While I get my act back together, make some progress with the inboxes and start working through the entries I've promised to judge, I'll post a few pictures from our trip.  Take you all along for the ride.

Now, I figure I'll start with something we passed everyday as we walked into town.  Let me back up a bit, we have a blank lawn surrounded by trees, and the cutie has started an experiment beneath the furtherest at the center.  Yup, it goes with the terriroty of being married to guy who likes to tinker around - personally, better this than the fire pit thing he wants to build.  Anyway, it's the part we can see best from the kitchen's large window, and we'd love to make it interesting.

Okay, whilst away, we walked into town most days, and in doing so we passed Madison Square & Garden Cafe.  It's a garden center/outdoor restaurant - eaten there with my sis once and it was good - and they have this gorgeous giant brass Asian buddha head we think would look fabulous on a pedestal under our tree.  Over the weeks we were there, we added a motion detector so it would swivel whenever something moved around it - the adorable neighbors kitty likes to hunt bunnies back there.  The last thing we added [in our dreams because we could never put this gorgeous guy in our frigid during the winters backyard] was lights for eyes.  This last addition was to spook the deer that eat and poop - in one motion - away from the mulberry tree.

By the way, it wasn't until our last day passing this gem of a giant that we noticed the lifesized penguin behind him [inside MSGC shop].  You can just see him to the left of buddha [two white balls, a smaller black one on top, and the barest hint of an orange beak]. See the white strip behind and to the left of the head?  Okay, the penguin is between it and the buddha.  Trust me, it isn't easy, shoot, I couldn't see him and I was standing right beside the brass head, which, by the way, is over 3ft tall - so when I say giant, he was - big and beautiful!

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