Thursday, September 01, 2011

An Easy Craft Project

Here it goes - I have a jewelry box filled with lovely baubles and also a multitude of smaller boxes, placed tidily in two different rooms filled with treasures from the past I want to keep, but not necessarily wear, although I might want to for fun.

How can I see what I have and actually wear them, not just leave them to reside in boxes?

I need to find a rack. yes, a garden rack - preferably an old rusted out one with character.

This interesting hint for repurposing an item was found in an article called DIY Decor Inspiration: 14 Eco Crafts for the Home found on Web Ecoist.  I found the site while researching Missing in Paradise [September 7th at Ellora's Cave], where the heroine, Mary Miller, professional monikers are the Queen of Green and the Guru of Reuse.

A few hints that I enjoyed are passed on in the book, but not this one.

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