Thursday, September 22, 2011

Emmy Fashion Thoughts

Emmy night was a fashionable sea of red and black, neither of which is easy to distinguish on the red carpet or on film.

Ok, that's not entirely fair to say, but it pretty much narrows it down to what I remember of the nights fashion.  Just because there were mainly two colors worn doesn't mean they were bad.  The red camp was where Kate Winslet looked wonderful in Elie Saab, Kerry Washington to die for in a liquid red Zuhair Murad gown and Sofia Vegara nailed it in a more tangerine Vera Wang.  On the black side it was Evan Rachel Wood in sparkling Elie Saab, Naya Rivera in an architectural Lloyd Klein, Lena Headey was gorgeously covered in Alessandra Rich [with hot pink shoes occassionally peaking out from beneath the hem] and yes I loved the Pucci Gwyneth Paltrow wore, just not on her - sorry.

So if those were all good, what were my favs?

Easy, they weren't red, black or loud colors, they were much subtle and that made them stand out even more.

From left to right, it's Amber Riley in Simon Taghdiri, Rashida Jones in Alberta Ferretti and Elisabeth Moss in Marchesa.  Love the colors, the subtle emellishments, the structure of the gowns and how well they suit each woman, all of it.  If I had to choose just one as a fav, the it would be the Alberta Ferretti as worn by Rashida Jones - I'd wear that one in a heart beat and not change a thing.

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