Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And so it begins...

All year I see books and ebooks that I want to ready and buy them, or put them on the birthday list in hopes someone takes the chance I haven't succombed to the pull of a particular book and purchased it already.  It's difficult not to do because most in my family have been burnt before so bypass the books on my list.  Well, I've been working on that particular impulse and am stepping back for the Christmas list to hold the weight of what I want and it just received a mighty tome.

Catherine the Great by Robert K Massie will be released this November 8th [in hardcover and kindle] and I am putting it on my list.

Massie is the author of both Peter the Great and Nicholas and Alexandra, both richly detailed books for those who enjoy Russian [pre-1917].

The difficulty will be in not purchasing the kindle version - wish me luck!

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