Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saved the Most Ridiculous for Last

Are you ready for this?

The most ridiculous challenge for a book to be found on a shelf is Banned Books by Robert P Doyle.  It was banned from a display at Spotswood High School in Harrisonburg [VA - 1999] when a parent decided that "some materials listed in the publication were inappropriate for students."

Neither the book nor any of the books listed were required reading, but it was still deemed inappropriate.


There you have it - the ugly side of society - but the light has begun to shine more brightly with the onset of eBooks.  Many of the challeneged/banned books are starting to show up in a different format that can't, as yet, be banned.  So, go forth and read with pleasure what others are trying to bury.

Visit the ALA to find out more about Banned Books Week and maybe pick up the latest copy of the Banned Books Week Resource Guide.  In the guide you will find what been challened and/or banned over the years and why.

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