Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Must See, Do and Try in Munich are ...

... the Munchner Christkindlmarkt.

The month of December Munich is full of markets.  They're in the city center with lights and carolers, smaller squares and in parks.  What they have in common is plenty of stalls that sell glühwein [warm mulled wine], sausages, sweets and a plethora of beautifully handmade items.  I bought a scarf and a couple of pewter ornaments, but there were so many interesting items available it made a night of shopping, eating and drinking an event for family and friends to share together.

Something I noticed and enjoyed about this large city was that even though it was a bustling time, people were genuinely happy, full of the holiday spirit.  The beer halls are always a meeting place and this was no different.  Tables are often shared and makes for a great experience.  Not being a big eater I thought would mean restaurants would not be all that fun, but I was so wrong.

... Rischart is a must visit cafe.

It was snowing lightful and I fancied sitting down for a hot chocolate.  This place is on Marienplatz, overlooking the active center and an incredible offering of sweets.  One I wasn't so sure of that the cutie loved was called hausgemachter kaiserschmarrn and we shared a plate.  He was right, ryummy!

It's a pancake cut up, a few raisins and powered sugar sprinkled over the top, and an apple sauce dipping sauce.  Oh yes, this was a treat and a half!

... Marsyas at the Glyptothek.

I had no time to look into the museums in Munich before we left and to be honest didn't think I'd get a chance to go in any, but I did, and he was truly stunning.  There are not that many sculptures of this particular mythological character still around and many are in bad shape, but this was wonderful in his incompleteness.

There's no doubt I'll be visiting Munich again and I look forward to finding more gems.

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