Sunday, January 08, 2012

Authors After Dark 2012 Reading Challenge

AAD 2012 Reading ChallengeThis August I'll be going to New Orleans for the 4th annual Authors After Dark Readers Convention.  I've been to them all and each year it gets even more exciting than the last.  Besides all that, I've never been to NOLA and am looking forward to spending a little extra time taking in the city.  By the way, I heard through the twitter-vine that it's almost full so if you're thinking of going, best get signed up.

In the meantime, Midnyte Reader, a fellow attendee, came up with a readers challenge and I wanted to do it.  I shall read the following books for this fab challenge:

Summer Surrender by Bronwyn Green [bought]
Branded Sanctuary by Joey Hill [bought]
A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix
Power Play by Eliza Gayle
Destined Mate by Katie Reus [bought]
How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins
Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry

Hopefully I'll be able to add more as time goes on, but this is a list I know I can do - watch here for the reviews [something I never do].

Hey, whether you're going to this event or not, join the challenge - you can do that anytime through the year as it is running from January 1 - December 31.

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Midnyte Reader said...

So sorry, I thought I had commented before. Anyway, welcome to the Challenge. I hope you have fun and I look forward to meeting you in NOLA.