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Celebrate Whiskey Creek Press's 9th birthday with 9 books for .99!

I am so very happy to say Happy 9th Birthday to Whiskey Creek Press!

In honor of the day they've put 9 books on sale for .99 Call Me Lucifer is one of them!  Double Cool!  If you haven't read this paranormal erotic romance + bondage and D/s, then head over to their bookshelves and pick it up along with many other gems.

Here's a snippet to tempt you's Lucifer, tempatation is going to happen :-)

Call Me Lucifer
published by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

He is much more than the horrific job title and now he needs to prove it to her!

Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, works hard dishing out punishments and asks for little in return, until now. He's been waiting an eternity for a woman who would bring out his gentle side, his need to love and be loved in return. He’d started to wonder if she even existed but at last he’s found her, in a courtroom arguing for a tougher sentence.

After his first introduction to Nia Adams, a sexy petite firebrand, he spends all his time on the surface at her side. They have a serious relationship and he’s sure the emotion bouncing between them is love. Then she lies to him about how she feels.

While difficult to hear, the lie opens a door. It gives him the only chance he’ll ever have to show her who the man behind the horrific job title really is. And he takes it with both hands.
After a few more minutes of trying to calm her roaring thoughts, Nia started to release a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. Only it caught in the back of her throat as a deep voice resonated along the hallway.

“Ms. Adams, the door is now open. Come.”

Nia sat perfectly still, unblinking and unable to move from the seat she’d only a few seconds before had been so eager to escape. Each word he spoke seeped straight through her body, settling to a slow and steady pulsating thump in her pussy. It was the wickedest reaction she’d ever had to a man speaking to her.

How was she supposed to conduct herself in a calm and professional manner, when the mere sound of his voice sent her lust spilling from her? She never wanted to meet the owner face-to-face. There was no doubt such a meeting would surely lead to her downfall. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t at her side that day. Somehow she knew he was the person she was supposed to see.

Looking down the passageway, Nia noticed the previously closed door at the end stood ajar.

“Now.” The single word reeked of power as it blasted down the hallway, from the room beyond the opened door, and through her body.

Dang! The trouble she was in had suddenly taken an unexpected turn and she couldn’t see a way around it. She stood up quickly and turned to walk toward the office, only her feet wouldn’t move. Bracing a hand on the wall to help steady herself, she placed the other over her nervous stomach, and took a deep breath.

She followed it up with another one, thankfully steadier than the last.

Before she could take her first step, the voice growled more deeply than the first time, and her knees trembled. The man was angry, but the sound of his voice turned her on, and tempted her passionate nature to come out and play. Maybe he was an old, ugly troll, with a great voice. Somehow she doubted it, but she’d use whatever helped her get through the meeting.

“You don’t want to upset me, Ms. Adams.”

Muttering to herself about how impatience was not a virtue, she followed it up with how typical of a man to demand rather than request. It was the pep talk she’d needed to get herself moving and she took a step forward with her usual in charge style.

“I can hear what you’re saying.”

Raising a hand to cover her mouth, she gasped, stunned at his ability to see and hear everything she did.

Who was this man and why had she been summoned? She was a good person who didn’t lie, cheat, or steal, and had never hurt a soul. In fact, every single day she did her best at work, finding justice for those who needed it. Surely doing good was the right thing to do.

“Come,” he barked down the hall. Startled, she jumped and started to make her way to the door. The only sound she heard was the solid clicking her heels made as she strode across the marble floor. Because she heard only it, Nia focused on each step she took. She wanted to ensure her footsteps didn’t sound hurried or hesitant, merely confident, sure of where she was going. It was something she could control in the nightmare she found herself in, so she’d take it.

She made it to the end of what felt like an endless length of hallway, paused for a stabilizing breath before stepping through the opened door. Deciding not to be intimidated anymore, Nia nudged the door open further, entered the room, and found it not at all threatening like she’d expected. In fact, it looked how she thought a cozy traditional library to look. It was dark, but there were two magnificent fireplaces on either side of the large yet still intimate feeling room, each with a roaring fire blazing inside. They brought heat and also seemed to supply the only light for the room. She couldn’t see any windows and no other door except the one she’d entered through.

In the flickering firelight, she looked at an imposing Napoleon styled desk with a massive chair resting behind it, facing away from her.

“Shut the door.”

Nia jumped at the seductive tone. For a moment she’d forgotten what had brought her into the room. She needed to get a hold of herself. It was the voice’s fault for sending her thoughts spiraling into unwanted territory. This was definitely not the time or place to think about sex.

Casting her gaze around the room again, she reminded herself that she was not there for her enjoyment, despite her imagination trying to take over. For a second she thought if there were comfortable over-sized couches resting before the fireplaces, she’d be begging for time alone to immerse herself in the greatness of the room. It would’ve been purely rapturous, but there weren’t any, and she was there for a different reason.

Turning around, she shut the door with a quiet snick, only to jump back when the lock shot to with a solid click. Abruptly, she spun around to face the desk, ready to voice her displeasure over how she’d been treated thus far, when the sexy voice growled again. The pulse returned to her pussy with a vengeance.

“Sit down, Ms. Adams.”

A finger appeared from the side of chair, nonchalantly pointing at the chair she assumed was for guests. Wanting to get the meeting over with as quickly as possible, she held back her temper, and moved to sit just as she’d been outside. A rigidly straight back, knees and ankles locked together, feet flat on the floor, and her hands clasped in her lap. She was ready for whatever happened next.
©Tilly Greene, 2010

Today you can Buy Call Me Lucifer for .99 from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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