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The Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Gabrielle Bisset 18+ blog hop has started and I have a #erotica HOT #giveaway!

The Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Gabrielle Bisset 18+ blog hop and giveway [can't get much better than that!] is HERE!

Leave a  comment or ask a question, include your email addy and you're entered to win The Keeper ebook ... its very VERY spicy hot so you'd better be 18 and over!

The Keeper by Tilly Greene
Fantasy Erotica + Pleasure/Pain 

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Not liking where her mind travelled, Thora pushed the pity party out her head and focused on finding a constructive way to get out of this mess. The only one that came to mind was that she should enlist the help from whoever stood silently behind her, but couldn’t find the words. Despite her predicament, it had said nothing so far, although it moved closer to where she stood pressed against the tree. One thing she knew for sure, it wasn’t small because she could hear it moving.
Fear of the unknown terrified her and tension spread through her body, but instead she worked hard to relax and keep as still as possible. She wasn’t sure why, but she started to believe when she was worked up the plant’s wicked boughs tightened and grew further up her legs. Consciously, she let her leg muscles relax and the branches remained where they were.

Now what? Ask whoever was behind her for help? She was naked, but that was the least of her worries. The danger of what could happen to her at unknown hands didn’t disturb her half as much as the thorny vines that held her captive. The plant, a thing with no brain or emotions, somehow seemed intent on harm and that was a big concern, but not the biggest.

What scared her more than everything else was the feeling that she could not live another second without being fucked. Her nipples hardened to sharp points and it wasn’t because she was cold. Trapped, she pressed up against the trunk of the old tree, her breasts quivering with some form of passionate attention. Thora fought not to rub them against the rough bark, for it would only cause the plant wrapped around her legs to grow even further.

A desperate yet lusty need took over her mind and body, leaving her pussy throbbing with every breath she drew.

Moaning was the only release she could manage, except it didn’t ease her passionate needs. Was she dreaming? Thora had never experienced, much less dreamed, such intense desire and wondered where it came from. She was scared and held captive by a plant, for goodness sakes, not playing games with a lover! It was all so wrong, so incredibly unreal. She stopped to commune with the environment, allow her inner naturist’s soul space to search for peace, only now she was anything but calm.

She was too damn horny and terrified to be calm.

The side of her face pressed firmly against the tree. She could see nothing except trees in the direction she faced, and was afraid to move her head to look the other way. While the thorns offered only unbearable pain, a rapidly growing need to come, to have the void between her legs filled, quickly overtook that feeling. Desire engulfed her mind and left no room for common sense. She finally broke down and begged for help.

“Is somebody there?” She didn’t shout but spoke loud enough to be heard. There was a small quaver to her voice and she wasn’t entirely sure whether it came from fear or passion.

Maybe it had been her imagination that something stood behind her, because there was no response to her plea. Thora wasn’t ready to give up, not when her sanity was on the line.


Her voice was more timid, and she thought she heard movement behind her. Whoever it was stepped closer and had yet to answer her call for help. She wanted to turn around and face it, show she wasn’t cowered, but couldn’t.

Then a crunching sound from someone walking over the thorny ropes filled the air. She wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or afraid, only hoped that they would find a way to get the plant to release her.

“Please, answer me.”

“Don’t worry so much, little one, everything’s going to be all right.”
©Tilly Greene, 2012

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***This giveaway is open to international readers!***
I'll draw a winner on the morning of the 17th ... now, get hopping to all these other fabulous offerings of heat!


Tawania said...

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Tilly Greene said...

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Thanks for your part in the hop. I have enjoyed other books of yours and this on looks just as good, Thanks Carin.
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Tilly Greene said...

You're welcome Annie and Carin, darlin', I needed that little boost to get me through more edits ... hugs :-)

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Tilly Greene said...

Thank you all for commenting to win a copy of The Keeper and hope you enjoyed the Bitten by Paranormal Romance 18+ Hop - Random . org picked Lona! Congrats darlin', I'm sending you an email right now :-)

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