Monday, September 16, 2013

An Interview with Drogan!

I recently read a story by Selena Illyria called At Drogan's Command and I have a few questions for the hero, Drogan, who is seriously hot and a thinker, what a mix!  Anyway, I thought I'd share the interview with you all and suggest you pick up a copy of the book ... out this September 20th at Etopia Press ... for your own enjoyment!

Without further ado, here's the QandA I had with Drogan from At Drogan's Command by Selena Illyria.


TG: Drogan, nice to have you here and thank you for answering my questions which, I should warn you, will touch on the intimate side.

Drogan *grins and settles back into his Captain’s chair*: I have nothing to hide, fire away.

TG: First of all, I was intrigued by your having a private fantasy suite on the ship.  Your visit to it was a delightful surprise, but I was wondering:  Is there one available for the other staff to visit and work off their frustrations? 

Drogan: Of course, do you think I’d be able to keep all these misfits in line without a few fantasy suites? They’d jettison me out into space or worse play the whole Pirates of Penzance over the ship’s intercom non-stop until I capitulate. 
TG: That makes sense, smart man.  Okay, since we’ve touched on the sexual side of life on the ship, I must ask:  Did you not feel guilty in watching all 36 hours of Rena’s sex disc?  It’s hard to tell with how much you get off while watching it.

Drogan: Oh, I felt guilty all right, but I was also so desperate for her that well, I let my inner demon make the call. I kept wanting to return the disc but I’d find some excuse to not do so. No time, what if the copy didn’t come out right, etc. Excuse I know but I’ve never claimed to be a saint. *his lips curl into a devious grin*

TG: No, I wouldn't think of labeling you a saint, far from it!  Now, if we stay with Rena, from what I can tell, you weren’t going to get anything but frustration by sending her away, physical and mental.  So how were you able to stay so together and remote while wrecking her world with a suspension?

Drogan: Honestly? *he strokes his stubble* my first Officer Jason Mercy will tell you, I barely kept it together. I was a bit of hellion, hard to admit. I growled at the crew, hid my suite when I wasn’t on deck. I was a complete bastard. But I didn’t fall apart, couldn’t, not with my plan in motion. Rena was the end game and even if she hadn’t come to me I would’ve gone to her.
TG: That's very good to know.  As a woman, I would probably think you just wanted me for sex after viewing a disc showing a week session of sex, not once but multiple times.  So, after all is said and done, do you think you did enough to make Rena believe you want her for her, maybe even love her?

Drogan: I will never think I’ve done enough until she says she can truly trust me with all she is, her heart, her love, everything.  I may have gotten the woman but I still have to do a lot to make it up to her. I’m not proud of what I did but in the end I have her so ends justifies the means, eh? *he raises an eyebrow in question*

TG: Yes, I suppose it does, in the end.  My last question for you is on a different note entirely.  I’m a fan of tattoos and, well, I need to know about your ink, the skull.  What can you tell us?

Drogan *strokes his stubble once again*: Depends, can you keep a secret? Okay, I guess I can tell you. I’m sure you heard of the Space Pirate wars? When space was a lawless frontier my family became space pirates to make a living. We brought supplies to Earth colonies and bartered for gas and food with Intergalactic ships while evading the Intergalactic sheriffs who wanted to keep things official. The skull and crossbones is something my family has done to remember our origins and where our money has come from. One day I’m sure the historians will set it all down for posterity or whatever. *he waves it away* But I like to make everyone think I’m really still on the pirates side. *he winks*

TG:  You are a wicked man, Captain.  I like that, a lot!  Thank you for answering a few of my questions and I wish you nothing but happiness with Rena.

At Drogan's Command is now available at All Romance ... fly over and get reading!



Tara Lain said...

Pirates of Penzance! *ROFL.snort*

Loved it. : )

Tilly Greene said...

PoP in the Sky :-) Selena Illyria definitely gave me a treat with this BETA read ... her hunky heroes and fabulous heroines feed my need to read!

Unknown said...

Thank You both! *Hugs all around*

Shelley Munro said...

He sounds like a man I'd enjoy meeting!

Tilly Greene said...

He is rather spectacularly sexy, Shelley :-)