Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time to WRITE!

Yesterday I mentioned the rerelease and new book release progress I'm making and can finally focus on writing.  Well, today I thought I'd tell you what I'm actually going to be working on.

First up is Jon Black's Woman [contemporary western erotic romance + tattoo, bondage and toys.  This is the 4th and final book in the Branded series.  I love spending time immersed in the lives of my kinky cowboys.  Jon is part Native American and Molly is English.  An interesting mixture of cultures, but that's all they are ... labels.  Jon was brought up by his father and followed in his footsteps into the Marine Corps.  He's the foreman on the Big W ranch now and has a reputation of being the strong, silent and sexy stud who always gets the woman he wants ... no matter how kinky he wants it.  Molly followed a similar path in that she made her way into the family "trade" of horse riding as a sport.  Like her father, she made it to the Olympics in Dressage where she had problems with her couch.  Not having the support of her family when everything hits the fan sent her running around the world, eventually landing in Japan.  That ugly time in her life must finally be faced in order to have who she wants, maybe even loves ... Jon.  Can these two put the world behind them and move forward together?

Yup, its going to be fun writing these two's story.

The second book I'll be working on is the 4th in the still unnamed series, although it used to be a Passion for Fashion and Bondage.  Right now the 1st, Leather Bride, is out and the 2nd, Gilded Cage, is in edits before being released.  Because I've missed this world of fashion capitals around the world, I'm jumping over the 3rd in reworked and am going to work on the Not Named Title.  This one takes place in Milan, I know, MILAN in ITALY and yes, I've visited for research and they offer fabulously thick hot chocolate, and is about a shoe designer and race car driver and mechanic.  That's right, ménage a trois with a nice dose of bondage time!  There's a problem between two of them when the third is brought in to save the day and boy, does he save the relationship by joining them on a permanent basis!

The end of the year ... October through December ... is always rough in the Greene household with travel galore, but I plan to be finished with Jon Black's Woman and good progress made on the Not Named Title.

Wish me luck!

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