Monday, February 03, 2014

Let Me Tell You About TNEE!

TNEE, The Novel Experience Event, is going to be big and in Atlanta, GA. this March.
The event will be running Friday to Sunday. Every author will sign on Saturday. This is the schedule:

4-8:00pm: Preview Signing for VIP’s
8-12am: Author events and parties for readers, Aquarium visits

10-5pm: Mega Book signing
8-1am: Author events and parties for readers (VIP tickets needed)

Author Swag event with readers.

Registration for authors is 125$ and include your place [table w/cloth and chair] spot for the signing, food and your assistant can be done here.

Rooms are 129$ a night and can be reserved here.

And, best of all, authors that sign on are guaranteed signing in Las Vegas 2015 with prime placement in the ballroom at no extra cost ... sweet!

As for Readers at TNEE, it's free, yes, FREE! You can pay for a VIP ticket ... get's special treatment! ... or you can win one from me!  That's right, I have two VIP tickets to give away!

All you need to do is go here on Facebook and Like my author page.  You have through February 16th and then I'll pick two random winners!

I'll be going to TNEE and look forward to you coming up to me with a hello!

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