Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best day in ages...

The new couch arrived yesterday and it is even better than when I signed on the dotted line. Unlike what the salesperson said, this is not stone but a lovely milk chocolate brown. It's cushy, long enough for the cutie and the chaise bit fits me perfectly.

Downside to it all...the cutie won't get rid of the old couch. Wants to leave it for a few months: his parents are coming for an extended trip, the nephew is coming for a few days, it doesn't look so bad, could go in the name the excuse has been voiced. With the next reason given why it can't go out with Friday's trash is that IT'S BROKEN! With the visiting cat came a busted spring!

But there is more...yesterday saw the release of my erotic futuristic romance and a lovely ecard from a reader [so thoughtful], it truly made my day. And then, best of all, the cutie was given the green checkmark from the surgeon on his eye. The lid still pulls away from his eye when he bends down but the Doctor figures that will stop when the swelling goes down. Yup, it is still swollen and bruised 3 weeks after surgery and 4 weeks after the accident, but the eye sight is great - I couldn't be happier.

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