Monday, September 18, 2006

Banned Books Week Contest is up!

Banned: Prohibited, Outlawed, Barred

Did you know books are challenged, restricted, removed or banned all the time? Well, they are and Banned Books Week [September 23-30] makes sure you don’t allow your freedom to choose and read what you want to be trampled.

Want to know more? Curious to know the authors who write material so offensive they can’t be on the shelves? Wonder what titles could possibly be so bad they must be banned? Head over to Tilly Greene’s Hot Thoughts Blog, now through September 30th and take part in her Banned Books Week contest.

It’s guaranteed you’ll be shocked!

Everyone who participates receives a goodie bag, and one winner will be randomly picked.

Tilly Greene, author of scorching romances

Tilly Greene’s Hot Thoughts Blog

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