Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nothing better than belly laughs!

Watched Rick Dees last night and laughed so hard - he was talking about having visitors and then being a guest, so flippin' funny! The promos were for Eddie Izzard tonight so you know where I'll be...laughing until I, well, laughing :-)

Went out for donuts and hot chocolate this morning to settle down and watch some footie, it is a slow moving match, nevermind.

For birthdays we always give books, not much of a shocker consdering I love books. So, later, after all the errands are finished, we are going to pick out a birthday book for our neice. Yesterday we did Peter McCarty's Moon Plane for the youngest nephew, love his books for little ones. Hondo and Fabian and T is for Terrible are still a couple of my favorites for giving as gifts. Really it means quality time for me in the book shop!

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