Monday, October 02, 2006

Back from a break!

Oh, that was so what we needed...a break away from work, computers, mobiles, everything that screams "HAVE TO!"

We took the last of my sister's kids abroad, our nephew was on the block this time and have to admit at times he was much more of a trial that the three girlies who went before. The weather was shockingly wonderful, t-shirt time, and only one day of rain - what a shocker! Had firm words for my father-in-law, looking at the positive is much more fulfilling than dismissing an idea out of hand...if we'd gone his way he never would have known how beautifully his son bbq's a leg of lamb. I also came back with a suitcase full of my favorites, should keep me going until the in-laws come over next month [for a month - ahhhhh!]

The joy of our trip was only slightly diminished when I picked up all our post this afternoon and found the painting I'd bought for my birthday had arrived damaged. The artist responded with confidence he can fix it and I'll hold that belief close.

Today is beautiful and I'm back from a break, ready to delve in to work :-)

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