Friday, October 27, 2006

Uh Oh, there's been a spanner thrown into my wicked plan!

Okay, we are easy going folk, not indecisive but it can take us ages to make a decision [remember the couch?].

Anyway, the cutie has been away on a trip and I've been dashing around trying to get some projects done [plumber for the bathroom sink, furnace serviced, etc] before his parents come for a month [gasp!]. Yesterday the man came to check out and give me a quote to have a few trees taken down. All was good, he said end of the month and he'd even have his guys chip up all the logs from the previous trees - NICE! Perfect for me, no need to stress about the cutie, his injured eye and an ax!

Everything was good until this afternoon. The cutie phoned from the plane, he's landed, lovely! I hung up from him and the phone rang again - tree man's gang is coming over this afternoon to take down the trees!

Uh oh, wanted it done while a certain someone was away on a trip then I could present him with a done deal. Oh man, off to buy milk for tea to help ease the way of his trees and manky wood pile going away.

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