Sunday, October 08, 2006

WOW! What a flick!

For the first time in months the cutie and I went to the movies. Until now there hasn't been all that much of interest come out, and if it sounded like we might like it, it wasn't available out our way. So, what did we see: The Departed. It was fantastic! I'm not a fan of "stars", you know when you see the person and not the character because they are overexposed, well, in this flick there was not a single moment where I had a flash of realiy, it was all character...nice job :-) And, as a side note, may I say DiCapprio finally looks like an adult and not a pretty boy kid.

We saw ads for Stranger than Fiction, 300 [apparently from a graphic novel but looked different] and Casino Royale [the latter opens a couple of days after the in-laws arrive...yup, were still going, can't wait to see this one. I like the idea of this new James Bond.

Life is getting a bit of a routine again...finished off the October Monthly Scorcher and got it out, love the wicked flaming short 'Taming Marie Antoinette', may just end up expanding on this one :-)

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