Friday, February 16, 2007

Boots? Yup, today it's about boots!

Last monday we went away, a couple of different places were on the agenda and we decided to drive and enjoy the easy pace. First night, we had no hot water, second night the electricity was out for 16 hours before we decided to leave, third night was just right, only there was a fourth night because of road closures. We finally made it home a day later than we'd planned to a driveway covered in ice, 3 inches of the hard beast. Snowblower wouldn't do it, so we took a pic and shovels to it, even the 7 inch iceberg at the base and now, now I'm home and happy I took my boots with me.

Yup, I lived in these wonders all week - even out to dinner for Valentine's - and am eternally grateful for their rusted eyelets, salt stained, comfort.

Long live the boot that is big enough to wear two, and yes, at one point even three pairs of socks.

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