Monday, February 05, 2007

Flippin' Frigid!

Yes, I'm talking weather and it's bloody cold here - Google weather is telling me its 14/F - and yet I just hung up from my sister who is feeling chilled at 58/F! Grrr!

I'm not that upset over the Bears loss but am over the dull commercials. The lions on the Taco Bell were great, laughed on those, and also thought all the coke ads were pretty good. Really liked the one for Black History Month - simple and powerful [and unfortunately couldn't find it on the net to watch again]. I don't remember seeing a Bud with clydesdales in it [other than the dog getting spots].

Time for the good news..."Ride 'em" has been submitted and now I'm working on Taming Marie Antoinette. Not much of a surprise it takes place in Paris. Yes, I actually did research while I was there :-).

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