Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh boy, here we go...

our little town is flooding.

The driveway is pooling at the bottom and the cellar is spouting water from the walls into a bucket, and not a sieve this time [I double checked]. In town the sandbags are out and the road going beside the Museum ending at Main Street has now been officially closed and the barriers up for the end of our street. The cutie went in, got a cuppa tea and had a little gossip for the latest...not good is the consensus.

At least we were able to get the German student around to see a bit of the City yesterday, now our fingers are crossed his flight goes, otherwise we're heading to the airport to pick him and bring him here.

Update on Sunday night: Really not good at all. The weir has disappeared and the river is flowing fast and furiously around here [you can't see the bottom run of the fence off to the right of the picture]. For now, it looks like the Museum and a restaurant on the other side of the bridge are the worst off, but we'll go down to the tea shop for a cuppa in the morning. Hopefully no more businesses suffer - town is only one block long so we'll miss even one place!

Update on Monday morning: Wow, it was pretty bad.

We went in to town for a hot drink and found a duck floating down the street. Once we saw how furiously the water was flowing, we understood he wanted a better, safer, ride. A few of the other bridges are out and houses on the river itself are really feeling it. Guess the freaky moment was the snow we are randomly hit with.


Sparky Duck said...

looks like I missed some fun weather.

Tilly Greene said...

It didn't seem that bad while it happened...okay, so there was rain, thunder and snow, but nothing unusual. The important thing is, did you come back with a tan?

Sparky Duck said...

sunburn baby, sunburn

Tilly Greene said...

ouch! hopefully red looks good on you :-)