Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Red, patent leather, studded heels, high heels, were a treat to herself. While she dressed in a basic manner, her shoes were out there, full of passion she wished she had someone to explore it with.

A simple, crisp cotton, white dress shirt, with the collar up and the cuffs rolled a couple of times skimmed over her large bust. Anyone who looked could see her nipples poking through the shirt and her thin bra, one chosen for looks not construction. No matter what type of bra she wore, her breasts were always jiggling around and nipples hard, standing at attention for the right person to come up and take them in hand.

She had a pencil slim, black, skirt clung to her curves, tightly enough to give her a seductive strut, but it was all about the shoes tonight. She was tired of waiting around for the right guy, this hump day night out with the girls, she was going to take the right guy for now.

Looking around she didn't notice any of her friends were here and figured she was early again. No matter, it would give her time to peruse the room, see if there were any likely candidates.

Bracing a hand on the bar, she hooked one heel on the lower rung of an empty stool she'd found around toward the end and hopped up, with as much elegance as she could muster. Shifting her knees forward, she smiled and waited to catch the bartender's eye. Letting her gaze occassionally drift, she saw there were a few good looking men there tonight, but she wanted something more than looks and her shoes made that clear.

The music was loud, almost too loud to talk to anyone. Tapping her toes to the old Stone's song, she'd was startled by someone touching her hand. Looking up she found a man standing there waiting to take her drink order. He had the most incredible green eyes and slightly curly brown hair, very nice. She smiled and leaned over the bar to give him her drink order, and, of course, tease him with a glimpse of her cleavage.

"Margarita, please. Shaken, no salt or - oh!"

Fingers pinched, hard, and rolled her nipples as she ordered. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes immediately darted up to meet his.

"I'm Mike, and I want to see these luscious beauties bare and begging for me."

"Oh my."

"Is that a yes?" He tugged her trapped points, encouraging her to move further over the bar, popping her ass up even further. Once her lips were a breath away, he shouted, "I bet you're a screamer, I love to hear a woman screaming with pleasure as I fuck her again and again."

It took her a minute but she finally managed to momentarily drag her brain from focusing on the moisture gathering between her legs. Her pussy beat faster than the Charlie Watt's on the drums. This was what she wanted, someone to grab hold and tell her she'd come. Come often, hard and loud.

Because they were so close, when she licked her lips, she caught his as well. Opening her mouth, she used her teeth and bit down on his lower lip. She didn't draw blood, but hard enough so he knew she wanted what he had to offer. The green of his eyes was soon taken over by the spreading black pupil.

"I'm Angela, and that was my yes, please."

With a last hard pinch of her nipples, he strode around the bar and helped her off the stool. Placing a possessive hand on her ass, he guided her through the throng and immediately into an office. Once the door was shut, he walked a few steps away from her, turned back around and told her to strip.

"...except for the shoes, those say it all, don't they, baby. I'm guessing you like it clean and kinky." He'd folded his arms across his chest, looking strong, masterful, and completely sure of himself.

Nodding her head, she unbuttoned her blouse as she fed her body's need to please him, seduce him, encourage him to fuck her as she wanted. The monumental bulge in his jeans told her she wouldn't leave this office disappointed.

The red shoes had been the perfect choice.


Sparky Duck said...

Like Michael Jordan always said, its the shoes man, its the shoes.

Tilly Greene said...

That's what Angela thought, too :-).

Angela's Designs said...

I like those shoes!