Monday, April 16, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Susan sat back in a big black leather, watching the parade of young studs pass by, trying to tempt her to pick them. Occassionally her interest was peaked by a particularly fine ass, a serious set of abs, or smooth chocolate flesh. They were all handsome, strong, and tempting men, how could she possibly choose just one? Maybe two, or three would be an even better option. Half way through the line and she was feeling, well, she was feeling them all, each sexy hunk, down there, between her legs.

The pulsating need had to be put to the side, for the time being at least. Right now she needed to be cold, practical, level-headed and emotionally distant from them all. It was only sex after all.

Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw him. Sitting up a little straighter, her gaze moved beyond those strutting slowly in front of her, tracing down the line of men to one just out of range. Susan didn't want to wait for him to make his way before, she wanted to see more and leaned forward to take all of him in as he came closer.

Completely nude, not too muscular but fit and tight, he walked with a catlike grace, with his big pendulous cock and balls swinging with confidence between his toned legs. She was tempted to reach out and stroke the smooth tool to see it fully erect. Oh, he was good, perfect in fact, but she had to hear him say something before she made her choice. Once he was standing almost directly in front of her, Susan put on her best lustful leer, lifted a perfect eyebrow and started in.

"Hey there, Stud, you know how to use that fine looking club or does it prefer to hang around instead?"

"What, this?" He reached down, grabbed hold of the hard rod and started to easily rub his hand up and down the long length. With the third stroke, the cock stood firm and impressive all on it's own.

Her mouth dropped open of its own volition, only just managing to stop the drool from spilling. Shit, this was exactly what she was looking for.

"Very nice, you get hard this easily for all the ladies?"

"No, just the one's hiring for a condom commercial. I'm gay."


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, is that female lead's name any coincidence, or is my ego finally big enough that I'm flattered anyway?

Tilly Greene said...

Your "leering" had me thinking :-) Total compliment darlin'!

Sparky Duck said...


alex said...

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Tilly Greene said...

Thanks Sparky, after all that happened this week...I was feeling a tad bit wicked :-)

Now Alex, you poor sap, you still help, lots of it. I'm hoping you are using all this junk but it could explain why your writing needs so much help.