Monday, June 11, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

There was something about him, something both dangerous and mysterious that drew her to watch for him. Every morning he paddled out beyond the break and sat on his board looking west while she sat on the shore looking in the same direction.

They didn't know each other, although, like her, she assumed he was here waiting for the big wave season to start. And, apparently, they also had in common the enjoyment of the peace found on the sand first thing. By ten this place will be hopping, but she liked the quiet and it seemed he did as well.

For the past two weeks she'd walk down here to start the day with a cup of coffee and in a calm state of mind. She was usually here about ten minutes before the buff surfer would stride by. From day one it's played out the same way, him looking in her direction with a small smile and a nod, but no words, on his way into the water. Her bladder always managed to shift her from her place before he came back in, so that was there routine.

She wondered what he was like. Was he smart, could he hold a conversation, or was he all about the next wave. Did he have a deep voice? Or was he foreign and spoke with an accent? She hoped he didn't have one of those stupid lazy drawls that wave rider wanna be's adopt, thinking it's cool.

If he did then she knew it would kill the lust he inspired. She wasn't shallow or easy, but this man pushed all her buttons and she'd like to give him a ride. Run her hands over his hard chest, down his sides and around to hold on to his taught ass. Or to feel those strong arms wrap around her and hold her close to him...feel his hard-on press against her belly.

From what she'd seen thus far, his cock was impressive beneath his board shorts, so naked it had to be awesome! She felt her nipples harden and a throb start to beat low in her pussy just thinking about getting down to fulfilling some serious lust-filled fantasies with her silent surfer.

Taking a sip from her cup, she felt the positive vibe for the day start to build. Maybe today everything will be different.

to be continued...

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