Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 13 - #19!

Okay, here is a bit about how my mind sometimes works.

My most recent release, “Zandia”, is about a woman who can’t find a productive life on her home planet so she leaves. Her world is shaken up when she meets the perfect man for her, only he seems to offer everything she hated about her home planet. This week I recieved a fabulous review [JERR gave it a 5 stars and O-grasmic heat :-)] and realized the book was getting some great ones that used such snippets as “a kick ass story” and “alien feminists can enjoy their sexuality”. At the same time, I have just finished the Comment for a Cure challenge, thinking about what to do for October - it being Breast Cancer Awareness month - and my mind was obviously focused on women and the challenges they face - hence this weeks Thursday 13.

In 1985 Nairobi, Kenya hosted a conference to formulate strategies for advancing women’s rights. In 1995, Beijing, China followed this up with a “plan of action”. And in 2000, the United Nations hosted a conference to see what type of progress was being made.

The subjects on the table included, but not limited to, were: reproductive rights, abduction of girls, poverty and economy, education, health, and violence. How did they do? In fifteen years, eight out of 188 member states had made any progress. Seven of the eight were developed nations. In my opinion, that is a pretty piss poor showing. Here are 13 places you can go and do something productive, and some will cost you nothing but time:

1. Susan G. Komen Foundation

2. Click to Give at The Breast Cancer site - personally, I visit this site every morning before I start on my emails.

3. Kiva

4. Women for Women

5. Care

6. Camfed

7. Habitat for Humanity

8. Alpha Project

9. One

10. Family to Family

11. Women Against Abuse

12. Second Harvest

13. Gifts in Kind

Think local! Open your phone book and find the local Women’s Shelter, see what they need, it could be socks, shampoo, movies for the kids they bring with them, or your time. With all the travel we do, the cutie and I keep the bags they give you on airplanes and the little bottles in hotels then give those to our local shelter - there’s a comb, toothbrush and tooth paste, mouthwash, lotion, shampoo, soap, socks, pen and pad of paper in a small bag for when they arrive. Go through your closet and all those things you aren't wearing anymore that are in good condition, donate them to Dress for Success, or another group like it. Don’t forget your local food bank - with the holidays coming, this could make someones day. There’s loads of things to do for someone who, at the moment, needs a little help to get back on their feet.

Please note I’m not giving personal endorsements to any specific charity - always check out before giving.


Darla said...

Thanks for the reminders! We all need to put our money (and our time and effort) where our mouths are. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this T13. It's my favorite one today. I bookmarked most of the links and am bookmarking this T13 as well. What a WONDERFUL idea for a T13.

Anonymous said...

I donate to local organizations which supply food/clothing/books to local Indian Reservations.

Inspiring TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You go, girl! All too often, I wonder what *else* we can be doing. You've given me good ideas today.

Krista said...

Great list! We all can make the time and effort to do more to help others in need.