Friday, November 06, 2009

All About AAD!

It's been almost two weeks since the Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend and it's still bouncing around in my mind. In a few short words the entire weekend was one of the best ever, but the parties were a blast!

Friday started with the LIP Ladies, Love Immortal Pantheon authors cocktail welcome. I was in on this one [and forgot the camera] and we offered Ambrosia [grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, and champagne], nibble treats, and goodies [bath salts, wax chips, and packet of promo]. It was a lovely for everyone to gather and mingle before we moved into the dining room for raffle and more substantial nibbles, and then the night turned into a PJ Mixer! Favorite sleep attire was worn and favorite stuffed buddy were carried - it was a great night for all!

It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend - everyone was keeping it real!

Saturday was all about interesting panels and the booksigning, but the big event was the Masquerade! People went all out, from the makeup and hair, to the clothes, the costumes were from across the board and all were wow-worthy making for a fun time even more incredible. One minute you're talking with a Jane Austen Zombie and the next a faun!

Those are just two of the events that stand out in my mind and is helped because I remebered my camera, but when I think back on the entire weekend, and I can say I'll be going to next years weekend. In fact, mark your calendars, it is rumored to be toward the end of September, and the LIP Ladies are already talking about what we should do to kick it all off!

Now, have you done the AAD Scavenger Hunt? NO!?! Then get busy - go here to get started, there's some serious swag on offer to the winner! Oh, you've done everyone else and were waiting for me? Cool, don't forget to send your full and complete list to

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