Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eBook Talk!

Actually, it's about how to read an ebook, and all that is happening in the eReader field. New devices are being released all the time and you might be able to find some deals this coming holiday season. My hint is to start your research now, so when you see a bargain on the one that suits you, you're ready!

You might want to start with:

Kindle and Kindle DX
iPod Touch
iRex Digital Reader
Que [not coming until early 2010]
Sony Digital Reader

Don't forget, you can also read an ebook on your mobile, netbook, laptop, and desktop computers. You can read all over the place, doctor's office to the train. But, you can also pick the format that suits you at any particular moment, no one is tied to any one way to read.

Isn't reading exciting?!?

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