Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Talk!

When you walk into a bookstore, new to you or the one you always shop at, where do you go first?

Me?  It's the magazines.  I don't know why but if the magazine section sucks then I have a feeling the books will as well.  Now, if there's no magazines at all, it's the kids section.  That is where all the creative reading choices start and I want to see what's on offer.

The other day I went for a gift certificate at a Barnes & Noble I had been to in ages - just that little bit further away.  Checked out the magazine selection and found it to be current with the section in a logical to me order - meaning fashion and gossip were first.  Next stop was the kids section.  It was woeful in the picture and pop-up book offerings, but I found one for my nephew [to go with It's Okay to be a Zombie by Nathaniel Lambert and Danny Evarts] called Library Mouse and another one for me titled The Secret Lives of Princesses.

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk was a great read with at least two more that I enjoyed reading - yup, I do that to see if they're entertaining and encourage kids to think creatively.  Another thing I look at are the illustrations and that's what drew me to The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier and Rebecca Dautremer.  This book is rich in interesting details and images - full of fun and will fulfill every girls dreams [no matter what their age] for strong-minded princesses.

That's right.  No milksops here, these ladies do their own thing!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the B&N and was thoroughly impressed with the NOOK set-up.

As a side note, went to visit a friend who works at the local Borders, and checked out their eReader setup - looking very good!

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