Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catch-up Me Time!

Okay, August was the first time in years the cutie and I spent the majority of a month at home, and we totally relaxed. However, some of the movies we watched through Netflix weren't the ones I've been dying to see [like Year One], and I finally had a day to think about just me.

The cutie is away on business and I didn't have the time to go, so caught up on 7 weeks of Top Chef: Washington DC [really wanted Tiffany to win because she kept her calm and cooked without breaking a sweat or getting nasty - now I'll be rooting for Ed]. After that I watched The Last Station which is a film about Leo Tolstoy and his last days. I cried at the end hating some of the people around him and adoring James McAvoy's characters decision to turn towards love. Then came some of the US Open - tennis and am delving back into Linda Fairstein's Bad Blood [picked this up over the 4th of July and have only managed to pick it up for a chapter here and there since then].

There will be little time for reading over the next couple of weeks, chaos shall be decending. I need to finish a synopsis and revamp a couple of short story submissions all while pulling things together for AAD [September 17-19].

Do you have loads to catch up on as well?


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

I need to catch up on all the books I have that I have not read!

Tilly Greene said...

Books are in a different category - the task is pure pleasure, but monumental, and I needed results! Yup, it was a blast :-)