Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun Facts and Figures to End the Year

I love writing down my thoughts on the Tilly Greene's Hot Thoughts Blog and you who visit make it worthwhile - big thank you's to each of you for taking the time in your busy day to stop by for a read.

Well, 2010 is almost done, woohoo, and in celeberation, I thought I'd share a bit about you guys that I know and is fun.  Who knows, maybe you'll see yourself in some of these ipso facto's.  Okay, let's get started with where you guys are from.

People in 87 different countries visited this blog, with the most coming from the US, Canada and the UK - not really all that surprising - and after that it is Germany, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and Finland.  Just for fun, I looked at the ten countries with the least visits and found them fascinating:

Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic

The Naughty Thought for Monday's seems to be the most popular segment, followed by The Big Huge Reader Contest [which was a blast] and Hump Day Reflections.  The favorite single blog, of which was written in 2007, and also the most used search term [outside of various ways to spell Tilly Greene and Hot Thoughts] was about the Real Dolls [Real Male Doll is what's used the most often] - yup, call me surprised.  As for writing the blog, that was all BBC America's fault, but also rather interesting.

Now, when it comes to Search Engines, Google is top and after that is Yahoo and Bing.  Browsers weren't that much of a surprise either with I.E., Firefox, Safari, and Chrome at the top.

Okay, one more, that's it - promise :-)

It's devices - kind of.  Our Operating System can sometimes give a hint of what inanimate object we spend so much of our time with.  Well, here you go:

Other Unix
PlayStation Portable

See what I mean about devices?  6 of those listed above are portables.  Hmmm, interesting, yes, but don't start talking about the demise of the computer.  Windows was almost 6x larger than all the other OS's together.

The computer is still king!

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