Monday, December 06, 2010

Naughty Thought for Monday

As a kid, Lego's were my all time favorite toys.  I remember when my mom made a playmat - a large white canvas rectangle with water for the boat, streets for the bus, and a spot for the houses and schools with a playground of course.  It was the ultimate and, even though I was beyond playing with them, I mourned when we gave it all to a young girl who'd house had burnt down.  Not right then, but like a week or two later, although I wouldn't have taken them back.  [It was a good lesson moment :-)]

Anyway, the other day I saw a pic pass through my Google Reader, and went right on by with just a little bit of What was that? in my head.  For some reason, okay, pause in the writing, I typed in BDSM Lego and there it was, the scene I saw and made me think how much my favorite toy has changed.

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