Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ellora's Cave Bollywood Bash at RT brought memories of...

our trip to India.

I haven't talked much about the trip, other than it helped shape An Invitation to the World:  India, but let me tell you it was a spectacular three weeks.  There was so much to see, smell, taste, hear, as well as learn, and after seeing a few pics from last night's party on Twitter, I wanted more of what I remember of India.

There was a wedding we went to while in Chennai and if only I could share the scents as well - everything was a true experience of the senses.  However, what I remember most is how wonderful everyone was to us, I even had a Bollywood actress help me with my hair.

Anyway, here is the couple in a swing decorated in flowers, and while I can't remember all that is going on and why - we always had someone come up and explain what was happening and why, told you they were sweet - there is throwing and cleaning going on, as well as some great music.

Another bit that was delightful where the meals - yes, meals, as the ceremony stretched over many days although we only made it to two.  A banana leaf was laid out in front of you while servers walked down the aisles with big bowls of goodies and ladled a portion onto your leaf to eat.  Okay, I'm not going to share me finally being able to use all five fingers to eat, but the woman next to me had a good laugh.  Seriously, all your life you're told don't use your fingers, and suddenly that's the only way you can eat and all five need to be used - I'm tell you, it's tricky stuff!

Something else we learned during the meals was when we were done and offered another helping, just say no!  I would say, no thank you, and get another dollop of something delicious.  Last words said is what they were going by.  Bloody hard to just say no, guess the polite thing is in me to the bone.

Oh, by the way, no napkins although there was the great wash basin outside to use.

All in all, a great trip, and all the senses were given treats to enjoy.

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