Friday, April 08, 2011

An unexpected result of movie night

Over the past few weeks I've indulged my animation movie love and thought I'd share a few thoughts, but then last night's flick Tangled was up.

First of all I didn't know that much about the movie other than it was a take on Rapunzel.  In true Disney fashion, they pulled it off.  I loved it all.  The parents, sad rulers missing their lost daughter.  The old woman, a evil baddy to nth degree.  The hero, was a great twist in that he was an orphan who dreamed about a better life and yet was a thief.  The cast of outcasts, horrible and yet so loveable.  Then theres Maximus, a palance horse, such a hoot.  Great characters.  My favorite bit was the lanterns set off on Rapunzels birthday - loved it.

Yup, I really enjoyed this one, and apparently so did our neighbors kitty [Princess Bee].  We've noticed lately that she'll stretch out on the rug downstairs and watch television with us, but Tangled really captured her attention.  When the evil older lady came on screen with an older man floating around a pub full of ruffians dressed as cupid, she sat up, moved closer, and stared.  Shortly after that scene ended, kitty went upstairs to bed.  Half hour later, I went upstairs, and she was on her back, paws up, and I swear she was grinning.

Go Disney, I think you might have something for the feline set that's better than catnip.


practimom said...

This one looked funny! I love the great review!

Tilly Greene said...

It was a good change from previous Disney flicks in that the language used was a bit more current and her sidekick is a fabulous chameleon - loved him! Definitely a fun one to watch :-)