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Tied Up For Love by Tilly Greene

Tied Up For Love by Tilly Greene
Tease Publishing
Paranormal Erotic Romance + Bondage

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Filla is a nymph used to the raucous ways of a Dionysian festival and allows a handsome newcomer, Marsyas, to strip her down for a passionate interlude while tied to a tree. After time spent alone, together, she knows little about him beyond the physical. However, her feelings for him are growing until he brings her back for the next festival, and suddenly she's not sure of anything.

Love is found in the most unlikely places, but will it last?


Ecstatic madness swirled around the clearing as Dionysus, god of wine and theater, skipped and danced through revelers with his mighty thyrsus in hand. Honey rained from the fennel stick and pine cone top onto random attendees, encouraging their passions to the surface, and ultimately to mate with whomever or whatever was closest. He whipped them further into a frenzied mindset and pushed them deeper into satisfying their lust for flesh. There were only two ways the frantic celebrants could shake loose the need infiltrating their minds and bodies, either through sex or violence.

Filla was a nymph, devotee of the god’s. Thankfully she’d never experienced the desire to tear another living being apart. She hadn’t been a follower for as many years as some, she wasn’t that old, but had been around long enough to discover a few of the secrets surrounding Dionysus and how he was worshipped. The disciples who were comfortable focusing on the wine and theater aspects saw little else, not the bad side of their favored divinity, and not his strong links to both life and death. Powerful and well supported, he was an immortal that shouldn’t ever be crossed.

As far as she was concerned devotion to the patron deity of agriculture and all the good he freely offered the community she chose to live within didn’t mean she had to compromise the standards she chose to live by. To both celebrate the final step in bringing the collective wine to fruition and to make it through an event in one piece, mentally and physically, would only be accomplished if she kept her distance from the people she knew to be unstable. The negative aspects of honoring the god weren’t enough to deny the sexual cravings that held her captive when it was festival time. Previous encounters had been gratifying, even fulfilling, but she’d had a taste of something better. Someone that made her happy and dreams appear possible, and he was at her side.


They walked through the clearing, past a group of wild maenads eager for the sacrifice to start. She had her arm around his sleek warm waist and smiled feeling his around her shoulders, holding her close. They’d physically connected at the previous event and hadn’t spent a moment apart since. A Dionysian festival was not the place to find love, but their time since, spent at his place overlooking the sea had been filled with her feelings for him growing deeper, more complex. She wouldn’t label them love, there were too many unknowns to be discovered, too many questions to be answered, barriers in both of them to be knocked down, although her heart remained open for him to fill.

She’d always considered herself an adventurous woman when it came to embracing what life offered, but he’d shown her how much she’d been missing by giving her mind, body and soul over to the devotion of another. The past few months had been enlightening and full of pleasure, and she hadn’t wanted it to end. Happiness had wiped all thought of attending the big spring festival from her mind. She’d been caught off guard when he mentioned bringing her back to the temple in time for the celebration. The move left her with questions, doubts really.

Had he lost interest in her? In them and where they might have been headed? The attentive care he continued to treat her with didn’t support the concern, but sometimes actions hid the truth.  Filla knew she should ask him what was going on, but they were headed toward their special place, at least she thought it was special, and didn’t want to break the mood.

A startlingly loud yell broke into her thoughts and she looked around to see where the sound had come from. There were plenty of people shouting their fun, groaning their pleasure, but the cry had sounded like one of terror, and then she found the source.

Not too far from the tree where they’d culminated their relationship was a man stretched across a long stone who held his ass cheeks open for a centaur who stood between his legs. While she watched, he was slowly fed a long thin cock, and the yell turned into a moan. The man appeared to be enthralled by the others possession of his backside and she felt her body react to that discovery.

“You’re remembering when I first took your delicate sweet ass, aren’t you honey.”
Copyright © 2011 Tilly Greene

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