Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Delicate and yet sturdy, pretty and still mechanically inclined...

... I'm talking about Cinderella, the pop-up book by Matthew Reinhart.

The reins are silver ribbon and the wings on the fairy godmother are thin, clear, painted plastic.  The carriage resembles a pumpkin, but your eye can't help but go to the rat peeking through the window in the corner packet.  When it's opened, the pesky beast turns into a jolly coachman and is swiftly followed with another page turn and lizards become footmen.

That is a brief explanation of just one page this book.  Both Reinhart and Sabuda are known to offer a cornucopia of paper engineering and story details that entertains with every page in each of their books - they are a must have for every pop-up lover.

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