Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February Means Chocolate Time - Day 2!

Yesterday was Rome and today is Florence.

There were so many piazzas with their own cafes dotted all around the historic district where we stayed and spent most of our time.  We tried at least one on everyday, but only one place did we go to twice - okay, we were so tired we didn't remember we'd been there for dinner two days before.  We don't consider it a mistake, we truly enjoyed:

Rivoire [Piazza della Signoria]

Even though it was November, the weather was so nice, we sat outside and watched tourists and Florentines alike make there way through the bustling piazza.  This was also the one that had the David statue I wrote about earlier.  Knopf MapGuides for Florence says:
"This smart confectioner opened in 1872 to sell what it is still famous for today: a heavenly thick hot chocolate.  Unbeatable location too, on the city's most beautiful square."
It was all true.

The cioccolato con panna [hot chocolate with cream] was thick, not spoon stand up and stay up thick, but a sipable thickness that loosened with each dollop of cream added.  Maybe it was the atmosphere again that helped push me to think this was the best of Florence because it was utterly delightful - who wouldn't enjoy sipping on something lovely while overlooking a piazza dotted with larger than life sculptures depicting many of the ancients.

After sampling hot chocolate in Rome and in Florence, I can say what I found was unfussed with hot chocolate that wasn't overly sweet but neither was it bitter.

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