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Sex Scene Saturday for the 18+ crowd: Matt and Sakura get frisky in Japan

Konnichiwa Cowboy by Tilly Greene
Contemporary/Light Western MC Erotica + D/s
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A business trip to Japan opens the door to Matt Wilson satisfying a long held fantasy, only there's a slight hiccup called Sakura Nakamura. Sakura is smart, funny and gorgeous, everything he wants in a woman, but can't have, not if he wants to do business with her father. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell her that and everything changes after one night.

Is it a geish or infatuated workmate who fulfills the visiting cowboy's fantasy?
Sex Scene for the 18+ crowd

“Come over here, my little geisha girl, and show me how you entertain men with that sexy painted mouth.”

There was no elegant way to stand up on her own, even crawling would be difficult unless she shifted the kimono out of the way. Letting her purse and fan fall from her wrists, she lifted one knee up a bit, pulled the silk robe from underneath, then repeated the process with the other before making her way to Matt. Sakura knew her breasts weren’t large, although she knew pushing her arms closer to her body created a dark crevice which, hopefully, would entice him to investigate them further. From the fire blazing in his eyes, she believed it worked.

Once she found herself kneeling between his legs, Sakura finally was able to do what she wanted most: truly touch him, all of him. She ran her hands from his knees, along the seam on his inner thighs until her thumbs rubbed over his denim covered balls. Savoring the feel of him, she smiled inside when she heard him suck in his breath and hold it as she turned her hands to cup his long cock. She inhaled more air, thrilled with how alive he felt beneath her touch. Throbbing from his rod picked up speed and encouraged her to imagine how it would feel when it was inside her body. She wasted no further time in getting to know him personally. Sliding her hands up and down the hard length, she ignored the fact he remained covered by his pants, and sought to feel as much of him as possible.

Soon it wasn’t enough. Separating the jeans’ placket, she leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on the cotton-covered steel pole beneath. The flesh beneath her lips felt hot and bounced at her soft touch, obviously eager for some up close and personal attention. Mentally submerged in lust and excitement, she forgot about her extensive makeup and how it might mark his tight white underwear, but when she pulled back and saw the evidence of her lips, she loved it.

The subtle, reddish-pink dot from her lips resembled the center of a target on his underwear and she went right back to the same spot for more. Opening her mouth, she rested her teeth around his hard rod as if ready to take a bite, except she wouldn’t. Instead, she lightly ran her mouth along his length, leaving a thin colored stripe on each side.

Sakura was so intent on leaving her mark on him, she hadn’t realized how close to the edge he’d become until he slipped his hands into her hair, causing the bells on her comb to tinkle gently. He held her head still, poised within a breath of touching his hard-on where it emerged from the waistband.

“Fucking nice, now pull my cock all the way out.”

She wasn’t sure how to do what he wanted. The underwear looked like shorts that were painted on him. There was an opening, except she wanted access to all of him, not just a small portion. Knowing what she truly wanted, Sakura wasted little time in stripping him down, only with her own twist.

Using both hands, she tugged both his jeans and underwear by their waistbands. Apparently he was in the same hurried frame of mind. Matt moved his hands to the chair’s armrests and lifted up enough for her to pull it all down until they rested around his ankles. Once there, she tugged on his boots until they came off. Sakura took off his clothes and then put his boots back on.

Folding her hands back in her lap and hiding them beneath the long sleeves, she sat back on her heels and looked at his erection and taut balls with a long, passionate gaze. She found her cowboy, the one who appeared in her mind whenever she thought of or spoke to Matt. Wearing nothing more than his hat and boots with a spectacular erection for her pleasure, he was positively sexy as sin. Sitting there, taking all of him in, she knew she’d made the right decision in coming to his room.

“Okay, then it’ll be with my boots on.” Matt put his arms on his knees and ran a finger over a silk covered breast, pebbling the tip even further. “Shall I keep my hat on as well?”

Hai,” she whispered with a nod to ensure he understood. Matt laughed and sat back in his chair, totally relaxed with being nude before her.

“The cowboy and the geisha. My brother would love to be in on the night’s activities.”

“Brother?” Sakura muttered under her breath as the curiosity of what he meant grew. She knew there was another Wilson back home, one who worked more hands on with the cattle than Matt. They’d spoken a few times, usually polite nonsensical conversations, but she was interested in hearing why he thought of Ted at a sexual time. She reached out and held his cock in her hands. It took both to cover most of his length, leaving a couple of inches poking above the clasp. Gently, she pulled his cock more into a straight up and down position before shifting to her knees and swirling her tongue around the shining red cap.

“That’s good,” he muttered and held her head slightly tilted to the side, probably so he could see her mouth on his rod. In all his dealings with her, even during their harmless flirtations, he’d always been a gentleman. Knowing he had such an erotically wicked side to him, she admitted to herself, was something she’d like to see more of and also be the one to reap the benefits of setting that side of him free. So many ideas popped into her head and she lost herself in the pleasure of possessing and playing with his rod.

“Oh, yeah, that’s real good.”

She heard a groan escape from him and settle in his deep rasping voice as he continued to talk about what he saw. To her, the roughness said he’d moved closer to coming, except she wasn’t ready for that to happen yet. She wanted him to be as wild with need for her as she was for him. Sakura lowered her lips and engulfed the entire crown of his rod. Whether she moved slow or fast, the bells on her comb tinkled joyously.

“That’s it, suck my cock.”

Lust and a strong desire to please him had her sucking as if to pull the seed out of his length, although not so hard that she’d hurt him. She used enough pressure to make sure all of his attention stayed focused on what happened between his legs. When she felt his hands clenching and unclenching in her hair, she alternated between swirling her tongue around the tip and sucking on his rod like a sugared treat. She worked harder to send him tumbling over passion’s ledge.

She hadn’t counted on him having much more control over his passion than she had over her own. Sakura could feel in her mind and body how ready she was for him to take her. To have him possess her was all she could think about. She wasn’t a virgin and had always enjoyed sex, although she was more excited about being with Matt than she had been with any of her other partners. It was odd she felt that way, knowing it wouldn’t be a complete consummation. Spending time with her cowboy made her want to stretch her sexual boundaries further than ever before.

Spanking? Why not! Pinching and twisting her nipples, maybe her nub? Yes, please, she wanted to shout. Make me scream and beg for your pleasure, just take me.

Suddenly, inspiration and her inner saucy nature came to play. After a few shifting movements, she laid her bare chest against his groin. Their physical connection was delicious. The differences between them were obvious and inviting. He was hard and covered in hair, she was soft and smooth, and together they were combustible.

“Whoa, what’s going on here?” Gently, he pushed her back and looked at her chest.
©Tilly Greene, 2011

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Matt and Sakura's relationship starts in a Japanese hotel, but they are far from satisfied with a single night...  Now it's you turn to tell: ever had or wished you'd had a naughty night of sex in a foreign country?  One lucky commenter will get a $10.00 gc to ARe - make sure and leave your email addy for me to contact or check back on Monday to see if your name was drawn!

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