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Sex Scene Saturday: Mike and Mary

Missing in Paradise by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Erotic Romance + Bondage
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When the love of Mike’s life breaks up with him abruptly, he doesn’t know where to turn. Mary is an emotional mess who reacts without thinking, and immediately regrets her decision. Making things right with Mike isn’t easy. It requires privacy to rebuild their love and share their lust. Neither expects their getaway to become a major news story.

The tattooed retired surfer and daytime TV star are opposites, yet perfect for each other. But paradise isn’t easy on them. Their bond will need to stand up to the strain of a public-relations nightmare if they have any hope of making it work.

Mistakes are made and they need privacy to fix things, but what about the media?

Sex Scene for the 18+ crowd

“Hey,” the casual one-word greeting startled her, but it was a large board and paddle dropping to the sand that made her jump. She looked up to see the man she’d been thinking about sit at her side. Encased in a full wetsuit, he rested his arms on bent knees as he checked out the waves.
Mary hadn’t a clue what to say or do to ease the tension between them. They’d been friends as kids, sweethearts in high school and finally lovers as adults. She didn’t want to lose him, but needed to think about what was best for her mental state.
Knowing an apology was necessary and actually giving one were two different things. She had no idea where to start, but knew simply saying sorry wouldn’t be nearly enough. Turning to look at him, she was struck by how handsome he was and her body responded to his sensual appeal. Didn’t her brain know it should be taking the lead right then, not her physical need for him? Apparently the two parts of her weren’t talking either and the pulse of desire beating in her pussy managed to rev up her hunger to be held by Mike again.
Had she said hello? She couldn’t remember saying anything and was shocked. Then again, it wasn’t a total surprise. Obviously Mike Kane robbed her of common sense. Looking at him closely, she soaked in every bit of flesh hidden away and left highlighted by the black rubber suit. Only his head, hands and feet were visible, and she felt compelled to wrap her arms and legs around him and never let go.
An onshore breeze helped the waves rise higher and delightfully rumpled his brown hair. She loved when it was in need of a cut. A little long so the strands curled a bit around the ears and neck. He’d probably rolled out of bed, put on the wetsuit and come out to paddle over the cold water. The man emoted sex and her need for his touch grew in strength. Her breath caught in the back of her throat when he turned and met her gaze. There was something there deep in the beautiful brown orbs that made her flinch, but they were connected. With the bond made, she was reminded of the last time they were intimate and wished they were making love instead of not talking to each other on the beach.
As if he read her mind, Mike suddenly held her as if he’d never let go and she was exactly where she wanted to be—held by him.
Momentum took them down to the sand where he held her hands on the sand by her head. Unable to manage a single word to either tell him yes or no, and it was definitely a yes, she gasped with pleasure when he threw a rubber-covered leg over hers. The move hadn’t been necessary because there was no chance she’d leave.
In a heartbeat, his lips pressed firmly against hers and all she knew was how much she wanted whatever he offered. What they shared was not soft or tender, but what passed between them was filled with turmoil of raw passion and emotions.
He opened his mouth, ran his tongue across the seam as if demanding entrance and hers opened, ready to be ravished. They circled and danced around each other, hungry for the link they’d shared before. Thankfully Mike couldn’t ignore her need for his possession. He teased her passion to the surface and promised fulfillment. At first the kiss they shared was packed with what she believed was desire and love, then denied lust rushed forward and wouldn’t be ignored.
It was pure coincidence that he’d come down to the beach to paddle and collect his thoughts before seeing Mary, only to find her calmly watching the dawn’s surfers. Everything he’d planned to say to her fled as blood pumped through his body. Mike inhaled deeply to try to gain stability, only he caught a whiff of her flowery scent and was lost. He reached out and took what he wanted. The woman he loved was in his arms, beneath him, and he showed her what they had together.
Mary arched her back, offering her body to him, and he took it with love and anger warring inside him. He was already on the verge of losing complete control when he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Pulling his lips from hers, he looked down at his hand on her breast, and tightened his hold. He watched the nipple pop out between his thumb and first finger. The hard tip was a delightfully wicked sight and reality slipped farther away. He wouldn’t ignore what was offered.
Leaning over, he placed his mouth over the tip poking against her shirt. She thrust her chest up further, pushing her breast against his face, and he knew he could take her right then. He pushed her desire closer to a breaking point by trapping an excited point between his teeth and tugging. Her screams of need echoed through his head and for a second wondered if they’d actually escaped their cocoon of pleasure. Mike didn’t know and didn’t care if she was past the point of restraining her desire for him. He had Mary where he wanted her, eager for him to take, and he was beyond ready.
The tenuous grip he had on his needs was lost when she shifted her leg to wrap around his waist. Lust exploded in him when his hard-on pushed against her responsive clit. Even though rubber separated them, she let out a gasp of pure pleasure that joined the gentle breeze washing over them and then he pulled her shirt up, revealing her bare breasts to the early morning light. Mike knew how sensitive they were, how much pleasure they both gained from his playing with them, and wasted no time in using the familiarity to release her pent-up passion.
“How could you walk away?” he whispered, and lavished the pleasure she begged for on her body. He rolled, sucked, teased and soothed her pierced nipple. Kissing his way across her chest, Mike feasted on the other. Opening his mouth over the entire soft-pink flesh, he closed it enough for her to feel the bite of his teeth.
“Please, Mike, I need to…”
She wanted to tell him it had been a mistake, that she hadn’t wanted to leave him, but had no words. There was too much passion ruling her body to let anything else enter the fray. She managed to show him how much he meant to her, how she never wanted to lose him, by sliding the fingers on her free hand through his hair and holding him close to her heart.
Lost in their need for each other, she focused entirely on him and them. He delightfully fed her desire for his touch and left her eager to taste the ultimate end. The orgasm he promised teased her lust and he fed it further by gnawing and sucking on her tender breast, preparing her for gratification. With his mouth and hands pushing her toward the brink of longing, her soul and heart remerged with her body and she was once again whole. There hadn’t been any doubt they were supposed to be together, but there had been in the longevity, which had scared her enough to leave. Mike was the only person in the world for her.
From the first time they’d made love, every caress from his fingertips, plunge of his cock, kiss they shared had been more vibrant and exciting than it had ever been before. He stroked her body and lavished attention on what gave her the most pleasure. There was more between them than the physical. He encouraged her to think positively about herself. On an average day, she felt good about her physical appearance and entrepreneurial skills, but they were magnified when she was with Mike. She could be naked, with her hands tied together and hanging from a hook in the ceiling for hours, and knew she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen by how he looked at her. She needed to let him know how much she loved him and wanted to be with him.
Another seductive nudge from his wetsuit-covered cock, followed by another, brought more moisture to soak her panties. Lifting her hips a bit more to meet his next knock against her tender flesh fed the hunger to feel him inside her body. Frustration and denial were painful responses. Eager to fix things between them, she tried again to pull herself together enough to speak. There was an apology she had to give before they went any further. She didn’t want to climax with her phone call hovering unresolved between them. While the release would feel good, in reality coming before she’d made things right would make things worse. Then again, orgasms were wonderful and fulfilling experiences. The passionate explosions were a way to share their needs for each other.
No, Mary thought, and tried to hold back the hunger long enough to clear things between them. After she apologized, they would go to her place or his and get back to where they’d been before her stupid phone call.
Gathering her words to tell him she was sorry was difficult with her body under glorious assault. She was prepared to tell him how much she loved and needed him in her life, when he wrenched himself away from her quivering body.
“I don’t fucking care what other people think,” he rasped on a rough voice.
©Tilly Greene, 2011

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And there you have it, Mike and Mary's first sex scene and it takes place at the beach.  Hmmm, then again, these two don't actually have sex in bed...everywhere else, just not a bed.  So it's you turn to tell:  ever had or wished you'd had sex in a unique location?  One lucky commenter will get a $5.00 gc to ARe!

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Carin said...

I have in a swimming pool when no one but the two of us were around. The idea someone could show up at any time was rather thrilling.

Tilly Greene said...

You are so right, Carin, thrilling and I imagine added a few extra levels on the excitment gasp-o-meter :-)

burbanette said...

My husband and I assaulted a pool table in the club I worked at early in our marriage. I was a bartender and had to close up late one night, the rest is fantasy!

Tilly Greene said...

Ha! Nice one Burbanette - a hot mix of sexiness at work, hard to hate staying late after that :-)

Tilly Greene said...
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Jane said...

I was hoping to join the mile high club, but haven't attempted it yet. My cousin and her then boyfriend did do it.

Tilly Greene said...

That always sounds and reads hot, but airplane lavs are disgusting! Stay in the seat, Jane, and snuggle up and play under a blanket on a night flight - could be just as fun :-)

Tilly Greene said...

Okay, I'm late late late in handing out the ARe gift certificate so upping it to $10...burbanette, my team came in 2nd place on Saturday and you were the 2nd commenter...congrats! I have no email addy for you so drop me a line at tilly @ tillygreene .com [sans spaces] and I'll get it sent to you :-)

See you all next Saturday with more spice!